Warranty Information

Warranty General Service Policy

  • All Product warranties are backed by respective Vendor warranty policies.
  • All items (including products) sold under warranty are under carry-in-warranty only unless otherwise specified expressly. 
  • All items under RMA application should be backed with purchase receipts or dealer purchase receipts or alternative warranty proofs such as warranty cards etc.

  • Products that are not eligible for Warranty are:
    • Any product not purchased from KairaGlobal.
    • Any product without a valid, readable serial number, including but not limited to products with missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable serial number
    • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other items originally included with the product
    • Any product from which the UPC code has been removed from its packaging
    • Any product that exhibits physical damage
    • Items such as power adaptors, cables, batteries, software CDs, connectors, media


RMA Number
Prior to returning the RMA to Kaira, the RMA number must be obtained.  You may obtain an RMA number and assigned RMA application form by contacting Kaira Customer Service through any of the methods provided at http://www.kairaglobal.com/about/contact.php.

Validity of RMA#:
Please note that the RMA # so allotted will be valid for 30 days from the date of allotting such number. In case of non receipt of the material within the specified time period the RMA # so issued will stand cancelled.RMA Application Form:

Please fill in the clear item number, description, serial number, warranty status and the failure symptom clearly:  

  1. Item: Please mention the Item Name or Part Number
  2. Sr.: Please mention number of items serially.
  3. Part  Number : Mention the Part Number
  4. Serial #: Specify the serial number for each item as mentioned on the back of the drive.
  5. Mfg. Date: Specify the manufacturing date as mentioned on the item product
  6. Error Symptom: Specify the error symptom for e.g. If the drive does not read then you can mention the failure as “CANNOT READ” or if the tray is stuck you can specify “TRAY STUCK”
  7. KAIRA Remarks: Please leave this blank for Customer Service to fill in.

Submission of RMA form:

On filling up the above details, please email the form at [email protected], to enable us to process your request at the earliest.

Delivery of RMA Material:

The faulty material or parts have to be sent to nearest Kaira office from country of purchase. KAIRA will not be responsible for collection of the RMA material from any other

location nor payment of any fees or charges in case of non delivery of the parts to respective office locations.

Documentation: All RMA items returning must be accompanied with details of delivery order or sales receipt and commercial invoice for inspection purpose.

Confirmation of Receipt of RMA:

On receipt of faulty parts under RMA physically, a mail will be sent by the RMA dept. confirming receipt of the same.
A chart specifying details on parts received and highlighting discrepancies in the RMA form; or variance in the actual parts received and the parts mentioned in the RMA form will be sent along with the approved RMA #.

To reduce the damage during transit, please always use the original packing.  If it is not available, please use appropriate packaging materials to reduce further mechanical & Electro-static damage. 

Handling Cost:
Please be accepted and understood that additional services charges will be incurred if Kaira find after inspection that the symptom are caused by the mis-handling by the user.

Delivery of RMA (Replaced parts):
The Replaced or repaired material under RMA will be sent to you as per instructions given by you. The material is usually included as and when the shipment for a new order is scheduled.

RMA Replacement Chart:

The Replacement chart for RMA parts so received will be sent to you on completion of the replacement or repair of the faulty parts so received.
This chart will reflect the status of all parts sent to us, whether repaired or replaced and also a detailed carton wise packing list for the reference of the customers.

Repair/Replacement Period

    1. All warranty items received would normally be repaired and/or replaced within a period of 7 days from the date of receipt of material at the repair center (subject to items excluded from this clause as separately mentioned in this document), provided all items are received as per RMA procedure with full details. However, such period may extend up to 15 days.
    2. In case any repair/replacement is not completed within the above-stipulated period of 30 days; 'Dealer' may issue suitable credit note. The value of credit would be based on present market value, at the date of expiry of 30th day (and not the original cost), of the product, and after deducting there from proportionate value for the period of warranty expired and other such considerations. The decision of 'Dealer' for such valuation would be final and binding. 
    3. It may be noted that credit note would be issued only after receipt of balance material related with the products (like accessories) if already not received at our end and required documents including our original RMA receipt. In case of non-receipt of accessories/manuals, credit note would be issued after deducting the amount towards the same.

Further Important Points:
Kaira is not responsible for special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty, including but not limited to loss of data, loss profits, downtime, goodwill, any costs of recovering, programming or reproducing any program or data stored in or used.

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